Saturday, September 12, 2015

email contact 

This is a sincere apology to anybody who may have written to me since I stopped writing this blog. For reasons I will not go into now I was no longer able to continue with the blog. I also stopped accessing my email account at that time. I am aware I will have received messages for many readers who may have wondered about me and those in the blog.

I am well and life has moved on apace. I do not intend to restart the blog but may write an occasional post to help long term readers get up to date with more recent events.

A consequence of me not accessing my yahoo email account is that Yahoo have deleted it and I can no longer access it. If anyone wrote to me years ago and never got a reply then please accept my apology. You can contact me now at mikemindriddles@gmail.com.

I hope in the future I may be able to use some of the blog together with further writing about the issues addressed in ways that may be of interest to a variety of readers.

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