Friday, February 23, 2007

Sam has returned safely.

Thanks for expressions of support.

We got a phone call at six o' clock this morning. Sam was calling from a phone box at the bus station. Would we phone the hospital so they could tell the police to pick him up. On these occasions he seems to treat the police as a taxi service.

Nell and I went to pick him up while Jane called the hospital.

When Sam saw us he grinned and gave us a big hug. It was as if he'd just got back from a great adventure. In Sam's mind that was what it was.

He'd been around on busses and had had a few beers and a spliff in the pub. But later he was threatened with a knife by "the bad man". Fortunately that came to nothing but shows how vulnerable he is when out in this state.

Sam was asked for fourty pence for a cup of tea by some rough sleepers so he gave them the five pound note he had left in his pocket.

Today he was interviewed by the police about the knife threat so it is good they have taken that seriously.

The ward haven't stopped any of Sam's privilidges and he's back home on leave with us again overnight so that we can give him a good telling off!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The policewoman has just left.

She seemed embarrassed, nothing more to say, to offer. Just doing her job. Going through the motions.

The policewoman on the phone to Jane earlier in the evening was the same. Just taking details.


"Well he's very spiritual and often talks of having met Jesus but at other times is into Hindu and Buddhist philosophies ..."

"No, I just need to write something on the form."

Sam's gone missing again.

Over the wall.

He did the same last week but was back within the hour. He said he had been looking for somewhere he could go with his sister for lunch.

This time he didn't come back. They seem unsure what to do here. It clearly isn't a regular event. Which is worrying as they won't want Sam if it is - and the thought of him being put back into a secure ward again ...

While I've been ignoring you all things have been quite good. We had a great couple of weekends away in a country cottage. Sam was brilliant helping Jane drive through the snow.

The new rehab ward has been trying hard to find things to get Sam involved in rather than just talk about it. He went climbing the other day which he said was his best day in ages and they had planned for him to go to a conservation project to get involved on a regular basis on Sunday.
Perhaps he finds reality too hard.

I know I've been missing for a while as well. It's not fair is it? I only write to you when I need you ...


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