Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last week Jane phoned the ward and spoke to a nurse who actually seemed to know Sam. She was friendly and had met Jane at a meeting of a group they both belong to.

Generally Sam seemed well but he had been wetting himself and also had been making inappropriate sexual comments to female members of staff. Both of those things happened last summer when we were away.

Sam himself seemed well - if a little over-cheerful.

Today Jane spoke with the same nurse. Those same issues are there but perhaps more under control now. She seemed confident they were making progress with them. She said Sam was spending quite a lot of time on his art work. She had been encouraging this and had given him some pastels to use in his room. He could go to the art room whenever he wanted. It was clear he was getting some of his thoughts out in this way. It was good to see at last that this had been recognised. He was also going to the gym - there is a small room next to the ward. Sam said he was very fit. I doubt it but it is good he is given the opportunity. Although he has not been outside - except into their small compound - they do seem to be providing and encouraging some activities. The sad thing is that we should be at all surprised by this.

They are understandably worried about him absconding if they take him out. But he really benefits from being outdoors - the space and the exercise. Being cooped up and detained will contribute to him remaining ill. That said he could be a lot worse so we are still enjoying our extended break. it has really helped. Going back to it all will perhaps be all the harder having been away for so long.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jane phoned the ward yesterday to speak to the ward staff to see how things were going and to have a chat with Sam.

His named nurse seemed to think Sam's medication had been put up - the opposite of what had been agreed at the last meeting. She said she would look at the medicine chart to make sure and Jane phoned back later.

It turned out that the medication has been reduced twice - much too quickly we think but at least it is following the agreed plan.

So how is it that Sam's named nurse thought his medication had been put up?

Who are we supposed to talk to who knows Sam?

Friday, August 10, 2007

The day we left to go on holiday we stopped off to see Sam on the way.

He was as well as we've seen him for a long time. He showed us a drawing book where he was starting to make a children's book with writing and drawing. I can't remember the last time he was so focused.

His drawings are usually very abstract at the moment but these were realistic and skilled - though a little surrealist perhaps.

But he was sad and confused. He wanted us to take him away. He seemed to think we could magic him past all the locked doors.

He didn't seem depressed - just sad.

So very sad.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

We're on holiday.

Relaxing ...

Is that OK?

Well it is for me ...

Well, sort of. I've just written Sam a postcard - the third this week! He spent some time here with a friend some years ago when he was first ill, climbing, when he was still well enough to do so.

I'm feeling relaxed and stronger. I wish all carers had such opportunities.

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